Coconut Berry Chia Cup

Coconut berry chia breakfast cup


I'm never sure about 'superfoods.' One day it's blueberries, the next goji berries. What ever happened to Acai? That thing didn't last long, did it?

Though 'superfoods' can be fleeting and confusing, chia seeds really are remarkable little things. Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, antioxidants and fibre, these tiny seeds are a beneficial addition to any lifestyle - especially a busy one. Just a small serving of chia seeds every day can improve your digestive health, complexion, hair and heart health.

This recipe, of a creamy chia and coconut milk pudding, topped with sweet berries, crunchy toasted coconut and whole pistachios, makes for an indulgent, healthy and really easy breakfast, while remaining dairy free, low in sugar and fat. 

For 10 minutes of work in the evening or on the weekend, you can set yourself up with three days worth of delicious, single serve to-go breakfast cups that will help you feel full and start your day off the right way. This recipe makes three servings.




Note: If you're not sure about the texture of this pudding, you can make it more like a traditional pudding by blending the ingredients listed in step 1, until smooth, before placing in the fridge. 

1 cup coconut milk like Silk Coconutmilk

5 tbsp chia seeds 

1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract

2 tsp coconut sugar or honey

2 tbsp water

1 cup berries (larger ones cut into smaller pieces)

1 tsp sweetened shredded coconut

1 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

6 unsalted pistachios


1. combine coconut milk, chia seeds, vanilla and 1 tsp of sugar/honey in a small bowl. place in the refrigerator for 60 minutes. after 60 minutes, mixture should be thick and pudding like. if it looks too thin, add some more chia seeds and return to the refrigerator for another 30-40 minutes. if the mixture is too thick for your taste, add some more coconut milk.

2. wash your berries and place them in a small pot. add 1 tsp sugar or honey and water. bring to a boil and lower the heat, cooking until the berry mixture is thick and shiny. 

3. in a small pan, toast coconut over low heat, stirring constantly until the coconut is golden brown. be careful not to burn the coconut. set aside and allow to cool.

4. to assemble, layer in a glass, small bowl or jar: chia mixture, berries, coconut until your dish is full. top each serving with two pistachios. store in the fridge until you're ready to eat.