For the love of food

Pure isn't about quinoa or kale - though they may make the occasional appearance. It isn't about how to modify your favourite recipes to make them better for you, or to make you feel guilty about your food choices - whatever they might be.

Pure is the culmination of a life long journey that started in my parents' kitchen when I was 12 years old, and continues to this day. It's about serving a meal that makes your guests happy and you, proud. Most of all, it is inspired by my travels around the world, my old life in a big city, my new life in the country and my desire to make delicious meals for myself, my husband and our friends.

Cooking is my passion, and these recipes are born out of pure love for the art, the best organic ingredients and the joy that comes from preparing and eating the perfect, simple, home cooked meal. This is what pure means to me and this is what I want to share with you.