Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza

prosciUtto & arugula pizza

Pizza is my favourite food. Hands down. I could eat pizza every day. Unfortunately, my husband is lactose intolerant which, for a while, really messed up our pizza game. While I still enjoy a pizza with cheese (and takeout pizza) I make this prosciutto and arugula pizza for him often and he's never complained.

In addition to prosciutto and arugula, this pizza has sliced mushrooms and olives. I wouldn't add tomatoes or any watery vegetables to this pizza but, If I were eating it, I'd add hot peppers.

I highly recommend trying homemade pizza. It may take a bit more work than picking up the phone but the effort is well worth it.


1/2 can whole tomatoes

clove garlic

bunch fresh basil

2 tsp red wine vinegar

2 dried red chillies

150g thinly sliced prosciutto

10 kalamata olives - seeded and halved

1/2 cup mushrooms - thinly sliced

1 cup baby arugula

2 tsp lemon juice

olive oil

salt and pepper


1. make pizza dough and preheat the oven to 475°

2. place tomatoes, basil, garlic, chillies vinegar, and 2 tbsp olive oil in a blender. blend until no large chunks remain. season with salt and pepper.

3. lightly grease pizza pan (I use olive oil applied with a paper towel)

4.  on a lightly floured surface, roll out pizza dough with a rolling pin (or wine bottle) to suit the shape of your pizza pan.

5. brush pizza dough with olive oil. season with salt and pepper.

6. spread sauce over pizza dough - use as much as you like.

7. arrange prosciutto in rosettes on top of the sauce.

8. scatter over mushrooms and black olive slices.

9. bake until crust is golden brown and sounds hollow when you tap on it.

10. toss arugula with olive oil and lemon juice. season with salt and pepper. scatter over hot pizza.